Paddy Japaljarri Sims - Jurlpu Jukurrpa


This print represents the travels of Yarinta-rdaku-rdaku [or Yatijarriji] a large bird [Jurlpu] with a brown breast like an eagle. It was walking around at Yampirri, near Kunajarrayi, west of Nyirrpi. Yarinta-rdaku-rdaku was both bird and man. He flew back and forth – east [kakarrara] to west [karlarra] and back again. He always returned to Yampirri where there is a cave [pirnki]. He travelled far, visiting a big bloodwood tree near the present site of Yuendumu. He even flew to Kulpurlu, to the east in Alyawarr country. Yampirri is an important men’s ceremonial site; a place to teach kajirri [‘high school’] to young men. The circle in the centre of the painting represent Yampirri. The other circles refer to places he visited on his travels. Japaljarri men are also represented. The footprints [wirliya] of Yarinta-rdaku-rdaku have been left behind

ARTIST: Paddy Sims

TRIBE: Warlpiri


Silkscreen print on paper  10/100

Signed and Titled

60 x 48 cm

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