The Vision

From the Founders


Balunu has been the vision of David and Mim Cole for the past twenty years. Through our own personal life journeys, we set out to establish something that was culturally appropriate that could help at risk youth overcome the challenges they faced and give them hope.


Balunu was built after breaking many of the negative cycles facing our own children. We operate on the principle of reaching other youth outside of our immediate family and making a difference for others. When we first spoke about the idea I asked my wife if we did this for twenty years and saved one life is it worth it and her response was a very unquestionable YES!


We have reached over 650 youth and families over the past seven years and our program has had a massive impact in preventing many youth suicides and making a difference in the lives of many Indigenous youth and families at risk. We are very proud of what Balunu has gone on to achieve, however there is much more to do and we welcome you on this journey. Together we can all make a difference.


“What I learnt when I was in Balunu. I learnt that if you want to succeed in life you have to make the right choices and don’t make bad choices. Making strong choices leads to you having a strong culture, which creates strong leaders for a strong future. Choices can lead you a long way in life if you make the right choices, stay strong, it will make positive pathways for your future. Everyone in life suffers from pain, no one needs pain in their life, pain is a big thing it really hurts. We all have different perspectives and all make different choices, there are thousands of people in this world who suffer from pain. We all want and need to be given the right to fulfil ones destiny and have a life without pain. Everyone has been through pain at some stage in their life, it really hurts. After attending the Balunu Foundation Healing program, I feel less pain and allot stronger”.


Jasmine Takes, participant in Balunu’s Healing Program