Donate to Balunu

“The broad social challenges faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia is extremely alarming and it is our children who remain most at risk and in need of greater support. If we are to have a future we must act immediately to alleviate the distress and anguish of our youth. The youth and the people can no longer wait nor accept failure as an option any further.” -
David Cole


By donating to the Balunu Foundation, you are playing an important role in ensuring the sustainability of our foundation and the continuation of its essential role supporting Australia’s indigenous communities. Your help will go a long way in ensuring that disadvantaged youth get the vital help and support they need when they need it most.


The Balunu Foundation has two donation options available:


Option 1

We currently operate off diesel generators, which cost between 20-30k per year to run and maintain. We are trying to fundraise to establish solar power, which would enable resources saved from generator costs to go towards other program areas. For example the cost saving on power would employ up to ten Cultural Elders to attend and share Cultural knowledge on our program and reconnect the youth to their true identity, which helps in the development of building their self identity, self belief and self worth. Cultural reconnection is the foundation and basis for us strengthening the youth to provide them with hope for a strong positive future. Your donation towards helping us achieve self-sufficiency through solar will go a long way towards helping us better help the children.


Option 2

The Balunu Foundation is trying to raise $28,000 for a food van business for the youth to operate within our program. The van will operate in the Darwin region at local markets and special events. The intention is to establish a gourmet hotdog van, which the youth will learn to make home made sausages utilising local specialty recipes, specialty meats and products, producing gourmet hotdogs. The mobile food van will provide employment and training for the youth and all profits generated will go towards establishing other projects and activities that Balunu Foundation provides for the youth and families.