About Balunu

“Strong youth, strong culture, strong leaders, for a strong future”


The Balunu Foundation is an indigenous owned and operated charity dedicated to breaking the cycle of indigenous disadvantage. United in their vision for a better future for Indigenous Australians, founder David Cole established the Balunu Foundation to reach out to at-risk youth and end the suffering.


Through culturally appropriate healing and therapeutic programs, Balunu strengthens the cultural identity of indigenous youth and families, so they are better equipped to break the negative cycles of disadvantage. Balunu’s programs play a vital role in increasing the self-esteem, confidence and emotional and spiritual wellbeing of indigenous youth so that they can become strong, balanced individuals.


By investing in at-risk youth we can create strong families and positive pathways for future generations. The Balunu Foundation is committed to providing the right nurturing and the right guidance, so our youth can embark on a journey towards healing and hope.


“The present is shaped by our past and the past has been unkind to Indigenous Australia, leading to the challenges we face today. We all own the now and it is our collective actions today, which will determine our tomorrow. This journey belongs to us all and we welcome you to walk with us towards a better future for Indigenous Australians.” - David Cole